I got quite excited last week when I came across my first competition at Just Inspirational Challenges. Using the purple as my main inspiration, I was initially thinking something floral, but then focused on what I could create using a rich purple. I decided upon a prom dress, with a tiara to add a bit of sparkle.

Purple prom dress with sparkly tiara

I sewed the dress on theĀ  machine, using silver ribbon to create the bodice, and then glued a blue flower with thin silver ribbon to contrast. I sewed the initial shape of the tiara on the machine in white. I then hand sewed a silver metallised thread through the white stitching, adding stars as I went. In the traditional style of my cards, I sewed the dress to the cards leaving the stitching visible.

The tiara was stitched in white first. Here, the silver thread and stars are being added.

A close up of the starry tiara

I hope you like my final design!

A close up of the dress shows the true purple colour