Ok, so it’s June and we’re half way through the year, so is it too late to make a new year’s resolution??

I spoke in my last blog about finding inspiration for new card ideas. The ‘need’ for a card is the most obvious source of inspiration: a friend was emigrating for example, so I created my Bon Voyage from this need; at Easter, I created my Easter bunny.

Other times, I will have an idea of  the type of image I need, and will look online for inspiration. The black cat on my Good Luck cards is such an example, inspired by the cat on a lady’s blog I came across.

I have no idea where a lot of my designs come from. Sometimes the hands just take over!

As I will need to expand the range, I figure that I can’t rely soley on my hands for everything! I decided to make a concerted effort to record my inspirations.

So, as I am a highly visual person, my New Year’s Resolution is this: carry a camera around AT ALL TIMES to ensure I can capture anything that inspires me, whether at home or out and about. With only 6 more months left of the year, surely I can’t fail?!

Here’s my first lot.

One for the ladies. Glamour puss? Birthday wishes?

Another for the ladies. Party girl? Birthday wishes?

I have no idea on this. I just like the little guitar!

A packed suitcase….another candidate for Bon Voyage?