For as long as I can remember, I have always loved cutting, sticking, sewing  and gluing anything that wouldn’t get me into trouble!

As a young child, I would make my Barbies new outfits from old scraps of material. I attempted knitting clothes for my dolls too; scarfs was the best I managed! When I was 11, my mother (I still don’t know what possessed her!) allowed me to use her sewing machine for the first time: I have never looked back!!

As a teenager I would redesign clothes that had been donated by family members so they fitted me perfectly. I would draw around my favourite clothes to get a rough template and make numerous skirts/outfits in different fabrics. I was asked by my CDT (Craft Designer Technology) teacher if I’d had help at home with my sewing project!

As an adult, I satisfy my crafty urges whenever and however they arise.  I decorate and make curtains, cushion covers, shopping bags, pencil cases, a garden gate!!!!!

I have now combined my love of crafting with my love for sewing by creating a range of cards: Material Moments This range of cards is not completed and will be added to as and when I become inspired. I hope you follow my progress, and maybe you could be my next inspiration!! (Follow this link for ideas!)